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Classic Vinyl Flooring Planks

Care Treatment for Vinyl Flooring Planks

Here is the care treatment for vinyl flooring planks that you can follow. You only need mop, broom or dust mop, bucket, white vinegar, area rugs and floor mats, and dish soap. First, the vinyl planks should be swept every few days …
Beautiful Hanging DIY Shelving Ideas

Applying Some DIY Shelving Ideas

Here is how you can learn about applying some DIY shelving ideas easily using only simple materials. Shelves can be expensive and difficult to put up; when you want a cheap, impermanent option, you can create your own shelving units out of …
Chic Fitting Bay Window Curtain Rods

Fitting Bay Window Curtain Rods

Here is how you can learn about fitting bay window curtain rods easily. But let us give you a brief introductory about bay windows. They are actually large windows which fit inside a three-walled bay. So whenever you find three bays fitted …